Romaine, Boston, radicchio wedges served with avocado citrus dressing

Apple Arugula with shredded carrots & purple cabbage, drizzled with lemon agave dressing

Quinoa with bokchoy, apples and walnuts with agave dressing



Curry puffs filled with potatoes, peas, carrots and cabbage   v

Mini black bean portabella mushroom quesadillas   v

Plantain chips with a variety of dips   v, gf



Chimichurri Burritos served with guacamole  v

Couscous Salad tossed with currants, preserved lemons, pine nuts & herbs topped with roasted

butternut squash wedges brushed with balsamic chii oil  v

Steamed Broccoli and Smoky tempeh bits with creamy cashew dressing  v gf



Banana Walnut Choc Chip Teacakes  v

Lavender Vanilla cupcakes  v

Pear Maple Crumble with crystallized ginger  v, gf