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About Us

The story of Grab 'Em Snacks and our plantain chips goes back to Geetha Jayaraman's childhood years in Malaysia where plantain chips were as ubiquitous as potato chips are today in N. America.

Moving as an adult to the United States meant an exciting new chapter in Geetha's life but this also meant having to bid farewell to such beloved comfort foods as plantain chips. While visiting the US, her mother stumbled upon raw green plantains at a grocery store and they both WENT BANANAS ! Here was an opportunity to see if they could bring back a slice of that Asian childhood!


After serving these snacks in a variety of flavors at numerous parties, Geetha succumbed to her friends' entreaties to take her product to market around 2005. 

Geetha's team picks the firmest and greenest plantains from the suppliers, hand peals them,  slices them - using a proprietary slicer - to strips of the right thickness, flash fries them (there's hardly any grease, indeed most customers guess that these are baked), seasons them with organic herbs/ spices, sea-salt and packages them attractively in the boxes you see in our Products page. The astute customer will notice each flavor's packaging has a hand-drawn pattern evoking a distinct ingredient!

Over the coming days, we'll give you more ideas to pair our chips with dips, aperitifs; tidbits about plantains and the spices we use; we'll even compare plantains with potatoes - stay tuned (or sign up at our newsletter below; better still, head over to Products to see which flavors you should start with!

Bon Appetit - GO BANANAS over our Plantain chips!